Multipurpose detergent 3M 38350

Giá bán : 827.000đ 890.000 đ
3M 38350 multi-purpose detergent is used to clean both cars, vehicles and engine compartments.

Features of multi-purpose cleaning solution 3M 38350

  • The solution is capable of cleaning stubborn stains such as grease, dirt in engine compartment, tires.
  • Products can be used to clean plastic, leather, fabric, carpet, ... without affecting paint.
  • Safe for workshop environment because the solution does not contain silicone.

Instructions for using 3M 38350 multi-purpose detergent

Dilute the solution with clean water at the ratio

  • Stubborn grease cleaning: 1:15
  • Interior cleaning: 1:30

Spray the solution after diluting onto the area to be cleaned.

Wipe with a clean towel.

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