3M Cavity Wax Plus

Giá bán : 433.000đ 450.000 đ
3M Cavity Wax Plus 08852 is a non-hardening, self-healing corrosion protection coating for internal auto body panels and structural enclosures, as well as new replacement parts. It is designed to cover and seal internal joints, hem flanges and other areas where OEM e-coat may be compromised. It will not chip, peel or crack. Use the 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus Wand Kit for 360° coverage.

Features of 3M Cavity Wax Plus

  • Corrosion protection for internal body panels, frame rails and structural enclosures

  • Non-hardening material remains soft and pliable – will not crack, chip, or peel

  • Convenient aerosol spray can eliminates need for bulk spray equipment

  • Self-healing formula reflows into cracks and crevices for long-term coverage

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