3M 50400 washcloth

Giá bán : 56.000đ 80.000 đ
3M wipes are used in car washing, cleaning tools in the house. Specialized wipes have special textures to help prevent scratches and remove water stains

Features of 3M dedicated wipes

  • Wipe out stubborn stains, such as wax polish, fingerprints, ...
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as paint, chrome, glass, dashboard.
  • Suitable for cleaning interior and exterior of cars.

Instructions for using 3M wipes

  • Before cleaning, towel should be folded into four to create a flat and uniform surface during cleaning.
  • After cleaning a surface, discharge and fold it backwards to avoid dust that may scratch the surface.

Instructions on how to wash towels 3M

  • Do not wash towels with fabric softener soap.
  • Best to wash with hot water and then dry.
  • The towel has a dust-holding structure, so wash towels often.

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