3M 08813 Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Giá bán : 159.800đ 198.000 đ
3M gasoline additive solution helps clean the needle system and ignites the engine, bringing stability to the car engine.

Product information of 3M needle cleaner

  • Resist the buildup of coal dust and engine leakage.
  • Clean ten thousand gasoline chamber and combustion chamber.
  • Clean out debris in the tank, fuel hose and fuel injectors.
  • Restores power and saves fuel.

User manual

  • Fill the car fuel tank
  • Open the cover and pour 3M 08813 gasoline additive directly into the fuel tank.
  • Pour gasoline additive into the tank at the rate of 25ml / 4 liters of gasoline. 473ml bottle can be used for 75 liters of gasoline.
  • It is recommended to use gasoline additives for every 5000 km.

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