Interior care for cars- fast and easy

After a certain time of usage, your car's interior will be affected by objective and subjective compoenents: weather, environment (sweat, dust, humidity...), using habbit (smoking, food...).

Why do we need to take care of the interiors?

  • To preserve the interior components
  • To prevent mold, smell and preserve the interior environment


  • Multi purpose cleaning solution PN38350: mix with ratio 1:15 or 1:20 based on the level of dirtiness
  • Leather, rubber protection sprayer PN39040 LT: clean the surface of leather, rubber; prevent oxidization of the surface; will not leave stains after wiped off, with a citrus scent
  • Glass cleaning sprayer PN08888: cleaning without affecting the glass surface; will not leave wipe mark, bubbly characteristics helps the solution stick to the surface and help saving
  • Scent removal sprayer PN12009: remove the smell of chemicals and irritants from interiors and AC; unscented
  • Additional tools: brushes for hard-to-reach places; small wooden brush; sponge for wax; soft end brush; cloth for wet, dry and solution; suction and spray machine to spray solution without wetting the interiors; air blower with plastic end; rubber glove; solution sprayer to mix and spray solutions; plastic tray for containing the products; cleaning sponge; vacuum

Interior cleaning and maintaining process

1. Clean up and vacuum

  • Take out the items inside your car, including the foot mat
  • Use a small brush, a soft brush and a blower to clean the details inside the car
  • Vacuum the whole interior

2. Interior cleaning

  • Use multi purpose solution PN38350 (1:20 ratio) to clean all of the components
  • Keep in mind: use a soft brush, small brush or a sponge, do not spray any solution on the electric components

3. Interior maintainence

  • Use the maintainence sprayer for leather, rubber PN39040 LT to preserve the leather details, rubber and plastic components
  • Helps enhance gloss, give your car the new look, maintain the sturdiness of the leather, plastic components
  • Keep in mind: do not wipe on the steering wheel, gear lever nor electric components

4. Glass cleaning and smell removal

  • Use the glass cleaning sprayer PN08888 to clean the inside and outside of glass panels
  • Helps remove dirt without affecting the glass surface
  • The bubbly solution helps to stick onto the surface and help save more
  • Does not leave wipe mark
  • Use scent removal PN12009 to remove smell of chemicals and bad smells from interiors and AC; unscented

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