3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat Wipes

Giá bán : 1.033.500đ 1.100.400 đ
3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat Wipes are a fast, easy solution for adding a clear coating to slightly-yellowed headlights and other plastic lenses, improving and extending their clarity. Each box contains 2 coated wipes along with a Trizact abrasive disc. Use the disc to lightly clean the surface, wipe on the coating and let it dry for clarity that lasts much longer than methods without wipes.

Features of 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat Wipes

  • Wipe-on fluid is excellent for lightly yellowed or recently restored lenses

  • Dries to UV resistant coating that extends lens clarity and life

  • For use on plastic lenses – headlights, taillights, fog lights, directional lights and more

  • Used with Trizact™ disc (included), maintains clarity up to 4x longer than methods that don't use Clear Coat Wipes

  • Can also be applied to new automotive lenses

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