Hootkit Cubitron II 3M 737U

Giá bán :
Purple abrasive 3M Cubitron is the best product in automotive paint repair industry. 3M purple sandpaper has a main component from cubitron grain with pyramid structure that helps to cut fast and durably

3M purple sandpaper is produced according to 3M's most modern technology. The cubitron particle has a pyramid structure that provides uniform cutting and high durability.

Some outstanding features of purple Cubitron sandpaper:

  • Improve the productivity of technicians.
  • Reduce dust during sanding.
  • Reducing energy loss for technicians.
  • Ensure product surface after stable completion.

Size and roughness of purple abrasive cubitron

  • Purple Cubitron sandpaper used for painting car usually comes in 2 sizes: 150 mm and 70x198 mm.
  • Sizes of sandpaper grain: P80, P120, P180, P240, P320.
  • Purple abrasive 334U include different kind of roughness: P240, P320, P400, P500, P600, P800.

Purple abrasive Cubitron 334U has a high price on the market. However, with outstanding output, many garages and autos are using this brand. 

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