3M Natural Deodorizer PN12008

Giá bán : 67.800đ 99.000 đ
3M's antibacterial deodorant spray using nano green 3 technology attacks odor-producing bacteria that produce unpleasant odors and kill harmful bacteria

Features 3M bactericidal deodorant sprayer

  • Rosemary solution combined with eucalyptus essential oil traces into the air to help deodorize and create a pleasant scent.
  • Active nano green ingredients attack non-healthy bacteria.
  • Deodorant spray can help regenerate fresh air, prevent mold, harmful bacteria and protect health.
  • The solution is used in air-conditioned rooms, automotive air-conditioners, odor in restrooms, ...

Instructions for using 3M bactericidal deodorant spray

  • Spread the spray evenly before using.
  • Place the spray bottle about 15cm away from the place where the smell is unpleasant, spray it about 2 to 3 times.

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